The Many Forms of Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction can take many forms.  In fact, it’s said that no two sugar addictions are exactly alike.  However, professionals have noticed the existence of certain broad categories, and here are some examples:

1.  The Daily Sweets Mega-Binger. This is on the extreme end of the sugar addiction spectrum.  This person is heavily addicted to sugar, and despite being perhaps an obese insulin-depended type 2 diabetic, feels completely incapable of stopping daily binges on sweets like colas, snack cakes, chips, and chocolate. The dietary sugars may be rotting this addict’s body, but she feels helpless to take control over her sugar consumption.

2.  The Starch Fanatic. Starch, such as that found in grains, potatoes, rice and corn, is nothing but a long-chain sugar that breaks down into sugar during digestion. A bowl of pasta is essentially nothing more than a bowl of sugar with a few added vitamins and, sometimes, fiber. The Starch Fanatic is hooked on meals rich in starches such as potatoes and breads, and can’t fathom removing them from his diet even if given the opportunity to substitute fiber- and vitamin-rich carbohydrates like greens and vegetables.

3.  The Frustrated “Sweet-Tooth.” This is one the most common forms of sugar addiction. This addict feels a driving, urgent need to eat some sugar every day, whether in the form of cookies, candy, ice cream, soda, or other sweets. Like other addicts, she often wakes up thinking, “today I won’t eat any more!” but then succumbs to cravings a few hours thereafter.

4.  The Exhausted Energy-Seeker.  Sugar consumption sends all of us into an energy roller-coaster.  When we hit a blood sugar low, we crave another hit of sugar to reinvigorate our bodies and brains.

Which type are you? Chances are you don’t fall easily into one category or another–but it matters very little. The common denominator is the powerlessness over sugar. Whether a raving binger or a swooning sweet-toother, the solution is the same as with all addictions: through support and proper nutrition, achieving abstinence from sugar for a long enough period to recapture control of your own natural biochemistry.

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