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Sugar addiction — is it keeping you overweight, unhealthy, and fatigued?  Do you feel imprisoned by your cravings for soda, cookies, ice cream, candy, chocolate, or other refined sugary or starchy carbs?  It’s time to stop dieting.  Recover from sugar addiction, while eating an abundance of delicious, healthy unprocessed food, and you’ll find the path to glowing good health and permanent weight loss, without hunger, sweating or struggle.

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Do children need protection from sugar addiction? Of course-chronic sugar consumption starkly raises the risk for many chronic diseases. From the first Sugar Addiction Awareness Day, October 30, 2011:








Remember-Sugar cravings are not natural. Refined sugar is not a natural food. Chronic disease caused by elevated blood sugar is not natural and in most cases can be reversed. You can do this! You are stronger than sugar!

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