San Jose City Councilman Proposes Ban on Sugar Drink Sales at City Venues

by Jill Escher

Ash Kalra

Oh, happy day for San Jose!  My junk-food-crazy hometown, overrun with obese kids, dialysis shops, diabetes diagnoses, and the lumbering heavy disabled buying shopping cart-fuls of Mountain Dew, is getting a clue!  Well, at least one of its councilmembers seems to be getting a clue.

Councilmember Ash Kalra has proposed — to the sad but predictable eyebrow-raising of his colleagues — the radical and crazy notion of a ban on selling one form of toxic food at City venues, the sugary drink. See

Last time I checked, we the citizens and taxpayers of San Jose collectively own those public venues, and must have the discretion to exert reasonable control over the sale of addictive poisons that are fueling a mass epidemic of perfectly preventable disease and disability that threatens to bankrupt our healthcare system.  Is that asking too much? Kathie Dolgin, the sugar-slaying brains behind New York’s Sugar Free Schools movement, speaking about Kalra’s proposal, thinks not:

“We are making our selves sick and NO ONE WANTS TO PAY THE HEALTH CARE COSTS.  I do not think it unreasonable to be asked not to make ourselves sick on public property.  If you were drunk on public property you would be asked to leave or be arrested. Drinking large amounts of sugar that is proven to cause health issues should not go unchallenged any more than public intoxication.”

Now, let’s say Kalra proposed removing other toxic and addictive substances like cigarettes would anyone protest? Of course not.  So what’s the difference?  The difference is ignorance.  The populace has accepted the poisonous and addictive nature of cigarettes, but remains under the delusion that sugary sodas, completely foreign to innate human metabolism, are “fun,” “just empty calories,” and, most damaging of all, somehow a legitimate form of “food.”

Kalra is right: the City of San Jose has no business profiting from toxic liquids that blast our blood sugar levels, spike our precious insulin, induce addiction, and lay the foundation for dozens of preventable diseases.

A single can of soda can have about ten teaspoons of sugar.

Yesterday my friend told me about an obese San Jose boy who visited her house and asked her for soda.  When she said they had no soda, and offered him water instead, he complained, “But I only drink soda, I don’t drink water.”  You… what?  You only drink soda?  If he drinks 6 sodas a day, which one can reasonably assume under the circumstances, that amounts to 60 tablespoons of refined sugar, per day… sixty … six- zero … oh dear, I am going into diabetic shock thinking about this boy. Our tastes are so corrupted and deranged by hypersweet corn-sludge that water, the very foundation of life and health, seems like bitter garbage.

Oh, people of San Jose, take the gift that Ash Kalra is so gently offering us and our children, a small lesson in the importance of distinguishing healthy food from candy-colored harmful poison posing as food.  Sugar is slowly killing us and threatening the biological normalcy of our children.  It’s a first step.  We should take it.

Jimmy Moore's "Cholesterol Clarity" Sets the Record Straight on Dietary Fats and Heart Disease

by Jill Escher, August 11, 2013

Jimmy Moore, who lost 200 pounds eating a healthy high-fat diet, with his co-author Dr. Eric Westman.

When I wrote my book, Farewell, Club Perma-Chub: A Sugar Addict”s Guide to Easy Weight Loss, in 2011, I knew exactly who I wanted to write the introduction, a popular podcaster and author named Jimmy Moore.  Jimmy”s podcast, Livin” La Vida Low-Carb, which features colorful and extended interviews with all manner of people, credentialed and not, who truth-tell about nutrition and diet, was a big inspiration to me as I found my path toward quitting sugar and losing my excess weight. By quitting sugar, flour, starches, and processed food I dropped from a size 12 to a size 6, and emerged as a much more energetic and healthy version of me.

When I say that Jimmy”s tireless work bringing nutritional truths to the masses has saved more lives than a hundred doctors combined, I am hardly exaggerating.  I am in glowing good health today because of Jimmy and others like him who are unafraid to question some destructive pieces of medical orthodoxy. And I know the same is true for countless others.

So when I learned that Jimmy was writing a book spotlighting the falsity of the cholesterol hypothesis of heart disease, I was thrilled. You see, the primary reason Are you an expert in an area of pharmaceutical law?  Would you like to publish a paper similar to the above piece [ regarding ongoing lawsuits concerning atypical antipsychotics ] on this web where it will be seen by potential clients, scholars, law students and their professors and other people who need to see it?We can pay you for your piece or we can provide you with generous free publicity [in the form of multiple links to your web and a blurb about the author or authors] on the page that carries your piece [in perpetuity] in consideration thereof. doctors recommend a low-fat diet high in grains and starches to patients is the conventional wisdom, developed out of whole cloth in the 1970s, positing that dietary fat leads to heart disease.  From this false belief has sprung a population with soaring blood sugar levels, obesity, diabetes, and yes, heart disease.

Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?, which will be released August 27, will help change the wrongheaded narrative that has ensnared us in this national nightmare.  Its central messages are essential to turning the health of this country around:

• The root of heart disease is systemic inflammation, not “artery-clogging fats.” Inflammation is caused by high blood sugars, smoking, stress, toxics, and other stressors.  The high-starch, low-fat diet recommended by the USDA, ironically, causes heart disease.

• Our blood cholesterol largely derives from the liver”s production of it, not from dietary cholesterol.

• Cholesterol is essential for healthy brain, hormone and muscle functioning. Statin drugs may reduce cholesterol numbers, but simultaneously attack multiple physiological pathways, undermining long-term health.

• Low cholesterol levels are not associated with reduction of risk of heart attack. (Surprise!)

• Most doctors don”t know how to read or make sense of cholesterol numbers in a lab report.

In vintage Jimmy Moore fashion, the book is tightly interwoven with quotes and observations of numerous experts, who bring in new angles and level of detail.  The book sings in a chorus of delicious multi-part harmony that makes it particularly enjoyable and easy to read.

What inspires Jimmy and sets him on his tireless mission is apparent before you even hit the table of contents. The book is dedicated to the memory of his beloved late brother, Kevin, who succumbed to the consequences of misguided low-fat, low-cholesterol orthodoxy at a young age.  Jimmy has made sure that his brother”s premature and completely preventable death was not in vain. Kevin”s spirit lives on between the lines of every page of this worthy and important book.

Jimmy Moore has one of the biggest, kindest hearts I know.  We, the beneficiaries of Jimmy”s prolific teaching, are blessed that he continues his quest to cut through noisy junk science to find the best way to keep that beautiful heart of his so strong.  Cholesterol Clarity should be required reading for all people undermining their own health by buying into the destructive myth that dietary cholesterol causes heart disease.

By the way, Jimmy would be happy to know of my breakfast this morning: avocado, bacon, Brussels sprouts sauteed in butter, and coffee with heavy cream. A high-fat meal if ever there was one, and I have never in my life been healthier since adopting this way of eating, a way that would make conventional medical practitioners shudder.



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