Healthy Halloween and Beyond

Help End Sugar Addiction

• Teach your kids about sugar addiction: make sure they know that sugar is not a nourishing food and can, in susceptible individuals, trigger overpowering craving cycles.
• Make sweets a special-occasion-only treat. Try serving berries and cream, fruit and cheese, or yogurt with honey for dessert.
• Ban sodas, juice and other sweet beverages from your house.
• Take breakfast cereals, muffins, cakes and tarts off the breakfast menu.
• Serve snacks like deviled eggs, almond butter in celery, and cheese, nuts and fruit.
• If you have space, start a home garden to complement your new healthy cuisine.
• If your child is overweight, do not put him or her on a diet, which can damage the metabolism, but instead assess whether your child may have an inborn sensitivity to refined sugar and processed food that could be prompting unusual eating habits and weight gain.
• Explain to your kids that refined sugar used to be an occasional treat, but that children on average now eat or drink more than 20 teaspoons’ worth each day, a pile their bodies can’t handle.

• Work with your school’s administration to remove soda and candy vending machines from campus.
• Volunteer to help tend classroom gardens and teach students about growing fruits and vegetables.
• Work to put cooking back in the curriculum.
• Support sugar-free cafeterias.

• Ask that your office be designated a candy-free zone.
• For the next office party, organize a “paleo potluck” free from sugars and grains.

• Urge your representatives in Congress to end all sugar and corn sugar subsidies.
• Buy local produce and animal products, and support farmers’ markets.
• Start a Sugar Addiction Discussion and Support Group in your neighborhood to share encouragement, research, and ideas for recovery.

Sugar Addiction Awareness Day (October 30) and Halloween 2011 are over, but be prepared to be frightfully sugar-free in 2012 with these tips!
Annual Sugar Addiction Awareness Day 2011








• Download our free 8.5 x 11 pdf posters:
– This House not Haunted by Junk Food
Sugar Free Halloween House
Treats, not Sweets
• Instead of candy, hand out pencils, toys, books, stickers, glow-in-the-dark sticks or necklaces, masks, temporary tattoos, fortunes without the cookies, funny jewelry, small school supplies, coins, Halloween-themed crossword or Sudoku puzzles, little bags of nuts or raisins, or other fun alternatives.
• Find a local dentist who will “buy” or make an exchange for your children’s candy. Or you can offer to do the same for your neighborhood kids.
• Offer to trade your kids’ candy for a trip to the bookstore.
• Have your kid choose a few select treats and throw the rest away or trade it for a book or toy.  It’s not sugar-free, but a good lesson in de-normalizing candy.
• Hand out rubber wristbands/bracelets or buttons with custom messages such as “I’m a Sugar-Free Kid” or “Say Boo to Junk Food.”
• If permitted, hold a “Candy Bonfire” in your yard’s firepit and invite the local kids to dump their junk food there (warning: messy!).
• Work with other families on your block to turn yours into a candy-free street featuring only healthy treats.
• Take the “Sugar Is Spooky” Challenge and have your whole family go sugar-free on Halloween and the following week.
• Listen to Dana Carpender’s Low Carb for Life podcast about alternatives to handing out Halloween candy.
• Read Jimmy Moore’s classic “Halloween Makes Obesity Problem Worse” and crave-killer “Sugar Is Rat Poison” blog posts.

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