Blog-a-Thon to End Sugar Addiction

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2011 Blog-a-Thon to End Sugar Addiction. It resulted in an amazing treasure trove of insight and knowledge about this most important subject. Here are some of the highlights!

Michael Prager: Sugar Addiction: What’s in a Name?

It’s Very Hard to Know Refined Sugar’s Effect

Sweetness, Beyond Refined Sugar

Childhood Obesity News: Halloween Proximity Alert: It’s a Childhood Obesity Issue

Carbohydrates Can Kill: Beware of Carbohydrate Addiction

Sugar Shock! Blog: Sugar Addiction Awareness Time, the Day Before Halloween

Nutrifoodie: Let’s Send Sugar the Way of the Cigarette

Splendid Low-Carbing with Jennifer Eloff: Did You Know About Sugar Addiction Awareness Day?

The Primal Parent: A Halloween Compromise

The Paleo Cure: How Sweet it Is — Not! Sugar Addiction Awareness Day

Paleo Weight Loss Coach: Do You Have a Sugar Addiction? I’m a Recovering Addict

Elise A Miller: Tricky

Low-Carb Daily: SAAD

Grass Fed Girl: 15 Easy Snacks to Eat Instead of Halloween Candy

Low-Carb Dietitian: Sugar Addiction Awareness Day

Healthy SF: Sugar Addiction Awareness Day!

Healthy Weight Management: Rethinking Halloween with SAAD Scary Amounts of Sugar

My Kids Health: Sugar Addiction Awareness Day to Launch a Healthy Halloween

Altern-e-Fit: All About Sweeteners

Eating Disorder Pro: Sugar Addiction Awareness Day

We would also like to thank the many eminent authors and experts who have supported our efforts, including, the following.  Thank you!

Blog-a-Thon to End Sugar Addiction 2011

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