Weight Loss through Sugar Addiction Recovery

At the top of many people’s minds is the ever-lurking resolution to lose weight.  And that should hardly be a surprise since the average American now packs on at least 25 extra pounds.  Here are some secrets you must know:

Lasting weight loss is impossible without recovery from sugar addiction.

That’s right. If that sugar monster starts calling the shots after your “diet,” you don’t stand a chance to keep your pounds off.

The single easiest and healthiest way to lose weight is via recovery from sugar addiction.

Most people panic at the thought of living without sugar, and cutting the starch. But when we figure out we didn’t actually like sugar all that much — but instead needed it like a drug — it’s easy to cut out. Most people survive the temporary withdrawal period and go on to eat a yummy sugar-free diet with little struggle, and no feelings of hunger or deprivation.

Almost every person with a chronic weight and/or blood sugar problem has, to varying degrees, an underlying sugar addiction.

So, the question is, how do you kick your sugar addiction? We at End Sugar Addiction do not endorse or promote any particular program or approach, since different tools work for different people.  Our Resources page will give you lots of ideas to consider. But as we say in our FAQ section, people generally find relief from SA through:

1. Accepting the existence of physiological problems that gave rise to our addictions, and that sugar acted on our bodies as a drug, and not a food.
2. Abstaining from sugars, flours, and processed food — foods that created or exacerbated those problems.
3. Going through consequent withdrawal, and losing the cravings which had plagued us.
4. Ongoingly nourishing our bodies with real, delicious, unprocessed food free from sugars and most grains and starches.

We also offer some tips from the experts.


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