We’re Baaaaack! On World Autism Awareness Day

by Jill Escher

Hey! It’s April 2, World Autism Awareness Day!

But wait a minute, isn’t this a blog about SUGAR?  What choo doin’ talkin’ bout autism?

Well, if there’s one problem in the world vastly more horrible than the scourge of sugar addiction, it’s the giant and growing autism epidemic afflicting so many hundreds of thousands of our children.  We sugar addicts may suffer extra pounds, bad teeth and swampy moods, but autistic kids? They face a lifetime of catastrophic cognitive and behavioral disability, often plunging their families into despair, not to mention debt and exhaustion.  The latest numbers from the CDC suggest 1 in 50 US kids now have an autism spectrum diagnosis, an explosion of a disability that barely existed just a few decades ago.

But, could there be a connection between sugar and autism?

Yes, but some of the connections are a bit convoluted, bear with me.

1. There are studies showing a modest increase in autism rates among children of women with obesity and/or diabetes. This may be due to the treatment medications, the hyperinsulinemia, or the excess blood sugars.

2.  Sugar is a powerful depressant.  A woman who eats sugar, not to mention processed food including flour, additives, colorings, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives is daily pouring powerful depressants into her sensitive body.  So, eating low-fat crap processed food (that’s often billed as “healthy”) her neurotransmitters go awry and she becomes … depressed.

Her doctor thereupon prescribes an antidepressant drug, usually an SSRI like Prozac, and she starts taking it.  Her doctor never of course informs her that her diet is making her sick and sad, and that an ancestral diet rich in healthy fats, veggies and serotonin-boosting meats will cure her.  Then she becomes addicted to the drugs, and, despite having almost no sex drive, gets pregnant.  Her doctor sticks to the pharma-funded standard of care, and advises her to stay on the drug during her pregnancy.

Then, blammo! A few years later, her kid gets an autism, ADD, or learning disability diagnosis.  Why? Because the kid’s tiny fetal brain was soaked in brain-altering chemicals.  Read this excellent post by Dr. Adam Urato to see the acknowledged connections between fetal SSRI exposure and autism, one trigger behind the autism epidemic no one is talking about.

3.  Sugar overconsumption leads to hormonal dysfunction, and in a woman this can mean PCOS, and excess of testosterone, and infertility. A standard American diet, replete with sugar, flour and processed food can easily trigger hormonal imbalance and difficulty conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy.  So, sugar-addled women often seek help from a fertility clinic, which may use any number of interventions, but most typically IVF.  IVF and other assisted fertility treatments have been shown to boost the risk for imprinting disorders and epigenetic abnormalities that lead to autism.

4.  Let’s not forget the men!  Studies have shown that obese men are more likely to have sperm with epigenetic derangements, and that could mean neurodevelopmental challenges in the offspring.

So, people, on World Autism Awareness Day it actually makes sense to call for the end of sugar addiction in America.  For the good of our children, get healthy, eat real food, get really fertile, lose the meds, and let’s make healthy babies!


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