Recovered Sugar Addicts Love Helping Others Still Wallowing in the Mud

by Jill Escher

Yesterday I received an email from a gentleman telling me about a new free e-book about sugar addiction and recovery he’s published on Kindle. It’s called Sugar Shame. He wants the world to know about it.

Of course he does.  Most of us who have gone through the process of (1) recognizing and accepting sugar addiction; (2) figuring out how to conquer it; (3) going through the transformation; and (4) recovering our health, wants to spread the word to all those still suffering.  That was my mission, too, in Farewell, Club Perma-Chub.

We don’t publish our books for money — Mr. Halgren is giving his away, and all my proceeds go directly to charity.  We do it because the medical and nutritional establishment is consistently and interminably failing us, and people deserve help, right now, and to know the truth.

So please help spread the word about Sugar Shame, it provides simple, straightforward advice about moving from kitchen-cabinet-junk-food-raider to serene and nourished healthy eating.

And it doesn’t cost a dime.


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