Best of Recent Podcasts

by Jill Escher

I walk about an hour each day, so I have the perfect opportunity to keep up with the latest in the podcast-sphere.  If you”re looking for great nutrition science, or stick-to-it inspiration, you have a goldmine to choose from, including classics like Jimmy Moore”s Livin” la Vida Low Carb Show, Sean Croxton”s Underground Wellness and Angelo Coppola”s Latest in Paleo, and newcomers like Jonathan Bailor”s Smarter Science of Slim and, from Down Under, That Paleo Show.

Here are a few from the recent crop worth highlighting:

Tom Naughton and his family guest-hosting Livin” la Vida Low Carb.  Listen to 7 and 9 year-old girls thoroughly outsmart 20,000 staffers of the USDA and FDA.  While the bureaucrats dither, these two say exactly what it will take to end the diabetes/obesity epidemics.  You think I”m kidding? I”m not.  Tune in to episode 664.

Latest in Paleo episode 67. Because everything Angelo Coppola does is sheer genius.  Tune in here. “Eye-opening stories cover the intriguing cereal industry, why the dairy industry would like to change the definition of milk, and you’ll hear a major processed food industry organization try to convince you that all food is processed.”

That Paleo Show episode 5, Why Grains Aren”t Paleo.  Some ideas for living a grain-free life.  Tune in here.

Happy listening!


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