Five Recent Podcasts to Help Re-Charge Your Motivation

by Jill Escher

Oh, recovering from sugar addiction can be such a bear.  Even after a prolonged period of abstinence we are always just a bite away from sinking back into our ol” cycle of craving, preoccupation, weight gain, exhaustion and general addiction misery.

So, to remain inspired and encouraged, we must continually put gas into the engines of our motivation to get and stay clean.  One fabulous refueling tool (and a free one, at that) is the wonderful world of nutrition and health podcasts.  Here are five episodes from the last month or so to get your mind, and body, back on track:

Vera Tarman, MD, on Underground Wellness, with Sean Croxton, “Understanding Food Addiction.”   [Thanks 1 We may refuse to register you as a player or elect to deregister and exclude you or suspend you as a player from the mobile casinos at any time and for any reason whatsoever. for mentioning our website, Dr. Tarman!]

Jonathan Bailor on The Livin” La Vida Low-Carb Show, with Jimmy Moore. “The Smarter Science of Slim.”  

Mark Houston, MD, on Carbohydrates Can Kill, with Dr. Robert K. Su, “Cardiovascular Disease and Diet.”   [Note this is in two parts]

Erin Chamerlik, Get Better Wellness, “The Run Away Diabetes Epidemic.”

William Davis, MD, on Dishing Up Nutrition, with Dar Kvist, ND, “Wheat Belly.”

Lots of people want to help you stay off the white stuff — take advantage of the many brilliant podcasts out there.  Happy listening!

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